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Our Camping Trip!

We we’re gone camping over the weekend.  We camped at Beaton Park, and got the last spot.  We were originally in spot 1, but they told us they had paid till the 23.  So, one site had been unreservexd, so we got that site instead.  We got site 17, which happened to be the one we like the most.  Earlier in the day, a cashier at Tim Hortob’s had told us the had reserverd a spot a Beaton, under the name of Wall.  When we checked the reservation board, the spot we got, was theirs.   They were the ones who had unreserved.

We were happy camping all weekend. I rode my bike for over 50 kilometers, in just that one weekend.  We had lots of campfires. 


Check-out the web-page, it has been up-dated.

It is finally May!

Today, with the help of some of our friends. we took everything out of our playhouse and cleaned it. We swept all the dust out, and cleaned all the wooden furniture. We have a (wooden) stove, fridge, table, and counter in our playhouse, all the color yellow, except the table, which is white. Our webspace from TELUS is coming along quite great. Stop by and check it out, (link to the right). I( have no school tomorrow, (AKA Monday). Our playhouse almost looks brand-new.

Did anyone see Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 2 Hour Special, Dolan Family. We watched it tonight, and that was a very extreme makeover. The father had been shot in a store where where he worked. The shooter shot two other people, who died, and he shot himself. The father was shot in the head, and did not die. Instead, he lost his sight in both eyes. He had to stay in the hosptial for a few months.

The house went up rather quickly. Go to, keyword="home makeover", to see photos and more. On Monday at 8 PST, there will be an episode of EMHE: How’d They Do That? It is a behind the scenes show, on extras in the house, you didn’t see on the Sunday show. I hope you all tune in and watch.

I hace to do a writing assignment, and it is due Tuesday. The topic is, "If I Were a Fairy Tale Character, I Would be…" I chose Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk,, because he was rich.

Monday is no school for us. We have all dayto play, and clean the playhouse somemore. It’s getting dusty already.

We are planning to go camping in May sonetime. We will go camping during the May long weeked, which is the 20-23. We usually go camping at Beatton Park. I enjy riding my bike around and around the loop.

Matthew S.

P.S. Be sure to visit our website.

May is (almost) Here!

Today, we did many things. The Farmers Market took place today. The following takes place on
May 7th @ NP Rec. Centre

We sure would like it if you stopped by.

What are you people looking forward to doiing in May. I am probabnly going to spend most of my free time out bike riding. I got a new bike for my birthdau a year ago, and am taking very good care of it.

Age 13, BC

Serve Otherrs

Subject:  Services
Our class at school is doing an assignment on volunterring. During next week, we will be doing,
(in groups) what we said we’d do/ My group is oraganizing a soccer game from 1 hr after school
for the Gr. 4’s from Mon. – Thurs. Many other groups are doing other things.

Walk the Dogs Tuesday and Thursday

Play Games at Recess, Lunch or after school with Primary Grades

National (Canada) Volunteer Week was April 18-22/05 That is why the teacher made us do this
assignment. We have not started any of these services yet. I’ll let you know when we do. We
have benn split into six groups, so I’ll also let you know what everyone else is doing. Here are
some things I know

Mini-Monopoly Game – Gr.1 & 2

Obstacle Course – Gr. 3

Walk the Dogs Tues. – Thurs.

Soccer – Gr. 4

Matthew S.
Age 13. B.C.


Hello Everyone,

I have a number of tests coming up. In band, I was suppossed to have a playing test on Skaura, but that never happened. We have a final concert on Thursday, May 5th, at NPSS. In school, I have a math test on the 27th, and a currect events and spelling test on the 29th. I hope to do well.

I was listening to Moose Fm at about 9 pm today, and I heard a broadcast from Vancouver. It was weird to hear a program from Vancouver, called SprotsTalk.

I have really been working on the web-site at we have but colors on all the pages. We also have a few photos of our fence project coming soon.

From Matthew