New Year at School; Summer’s Almost Over; Facebook

Well school’s about to start again. I can’t believe the whole summer has gone by already. On the other hand, it does seem like ages since the last day of school. And Canada Day feels a long ways a way too. Anyway, on August 5, I went to Camp Sagitawa. What an awesome tiem I had there, although there were only about 30 kids there (and I was told there were only 15 for the weekend teen camp), it was still way fun. Wide games were fun. We played “Kingdom’s Quest” and “Cowboys and Indians.” They’re really fun to play. Well, although that does seem a long time ago, I still remember it quite well. Oh yeah, Jim was my cabin leader. We had so much fun, Darren, Cole, Jim, and I. We had an airsoft war in our cabin during the second day. At this camp, it was way different. I didn’t really have structure. You could just do whatever, whenever, sort of. There were no skills, but you could still do them, you know, you just didn’t get an award. Anyways after this we went camping for two weeks, and during the first week, on Thursday, while we were at Bear Lake, there was a massive electrial storm. It was like constant sheet lightning, almost like day. It was constant flikering. And when the fork lightning came, it was so loud. One strike was like FLASH, One… BOOM!!!
Anyway schools starting and I am going to North Peace this year. On the other hand, my bro Andrew is going to Bert Bowes, which is also new for him. I can’t wait for school to start as I get to see my friends, which I have not seen all summer long. And I’ll see even more friends than last year because I am going to a bigger school.
Anyway, check out I have a profile on there. Check it out.