Together is Amazing

Shaw recently launched a movement called “Together is Amazing.” Below is the commercial to launch “Together is Amazing.”


“Together is Amazing” is an idea to bring people together to do amazing things using the Shaw network. “Fill the Food Bank” is one of the amazing things Shaw is currently doing. For every pound of food donated to local food banks throughout Canada, the donation will be matched by Shaw and Campbell’s. This means for every pound of food donated to local food banks turns into three pounds being donated!

This year, some members of the Student Advisory Team of North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John, BC will be going around to collect food on Hallowe’en. This is part of a campaign called “Hallowe’en for Hunger,” a Canadian campaign to collect non-perishable items on Hallowe’en instead of candy. Last year, youth from across Canada collected 217,713 pounds of food to donate to food banks across Canada. This is a great time for both events to run as it means every pound of food collected during Hallowe’en will also be tripled when it is donated to local food banks across Canada. Donate this Hallowe’en to help fill the Salvation Army food bank!

There are also many other ways to donate. Food can be dropped off at the Shaw office on 100th Ave, Safeway or Sobeys. (I am not sure about other locations.) The “Fill the Food Bank” campaign from Shaw officially ends on November 15, but that doesn’t mean food won’t be accepted after that date (it just won’t be tripled). Every pound of food donated to the Salvation Army still helps!

For more information on “Together is Amazing”, go to
For more information on “Hallowe’en for Hunger”, go to

Windows Live Spaces to WordPress Migration

Hello all,

Recently, Windows Live announced that it would be merging its Spaces platform with WordPress. This would eliminate the Spaces platform and transfer everything over to WordPress. Although personally I favoured Windows Live Spaces, I guess now we just have to live with it.

By now, when you go to your blog, you should see the option to move your blog to WordPress. If you haven’t done this by January 4, 2011, you won’t be able to make any changes after that date. On March 16, 2011, Windows Live Spaces will no longer exist! It’s sad to see Windows Live Spaces leave but I guess I’ll have to live with WordPress for now.

For now,