The bottle drive on Saturday went really well. We raised a lot of money. And we all had fun. Although we only had five trucks so we didn’t actually cover the whole town, but as I said before, we still made quite a bit of money.


Edmonton Trip 2006

The School District Sixty band recently traveled to Edmonton, AB, to perform in the Cantando fextival this year. The Juniors and Seniors did a great job on their pieces of music. The band played these songs at the festival locally at the beginning of April, and will be playing the songs again at the concert later this month.

We went out to Prespatou for lunch. Our cousins own a restaurant out there. We were delivering a octagon picnic table to them. I hope to go out there again soon. On the way back from Prespatou, we pickeed up some bottles laying on the side of the road. The pick-up bos was almost full, and there was still lots and lots and lots of bottles. I hope to talk to you all soon.