About Me


You’ve stumbled across my blog. Thanks for stopping by. This blog has been online for nearly 15 years. Wow! It started on the web in the days of MSN spaces, which I think then became Windows Live Spaces. Those both eventually shut down and my blog was moved to WordPress. After many years hosted directly on WordPress, I decided to move the blog to my own hosting solution a few years ago, where it has lived in silence for nearly two years.

My name is Matt Schlosser. I was born and raised in Fort St John, BC, Canada, a northern oil and gas town. I graduated in April 2019 from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science – Specialization in Computing Science with Distinction. Since July of 2019, I have been working with ABCS, a local safety training company in Edmonton, AB, doing web development for an proprietary online learning management system.

In my spare time, I enjoy coding and learning new things about computers. I have always had an interest in computers and what makes them work, and enjoy fixing computers in my spare time.

It’s not just websites that I enjoy learning, though that is where I first learned to code. When I was twelve years old, our family signed up for high speed internet, and as part of the deal, Telus was handing out free web-space to host a website. I looked up online how to make a web page with HTML and CSS and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. That website still exists, though it has evolved much since its early days. You can find it here.

Since learning how to code websites, I have also enjoyed learning to code other things. When I was in high school, I took a computer programming class, and learned how make some basic programs in Visual Basic (no pun intended). 😀

I made a basic tic tac toe game on my graphing calculator when I was in high school.

In university, I took interest in all things computing science. Here’s just a few of the areas I studied:

  • Robotics (Arduino)
  • 3D Graphics (WebGL)
  • Parallel Programming (CUDA)
  • Non-Procedural Programming (PROLOG, Lisp)
  • Compiler Design (C++, ANTLR, LLVM)
  • Software Design (JavaFX)
  • Organization and Architecture (VHDL, PLA, MASM)
  • Database Design (SQL)

In my spare time,  I have learned:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • React
  • Bootstrap/Semantic UI
  • Node.js
    • Express
  • Python
  • RESTful APIs
  • Firebase
    • Realtime Database
    • Hosting
  • a bit of MongoDB

If these sound like foreign languages to you, well, they probably are, because most of them are computing languages/frameworks. Most of them. I’m looking at you, HTML. 😛

Thanks for reading this far!

Matt Schlosser