Windows 10 Technical Preview – What’s New?

So I’ve been trying out Windows Technical Preview for the past few weeks. The technical preview became available on October 1st. As with its last few operating systems, Microsoft has released an early beta testing version, allowing users to send feedback to Microsoft about the new operating system. This next version will be released sometime in 2015.

The next version of Windows seeks to introduce a number of new features. First, the start menu is back. The start menu of Windows 7 is blended with the start screen of Windows 8. Users can quickly search for an app, or click on a search suggestion to bring up the Search app.

Windows apps now run in a windowed mode, rather than just full screen, allowing keyboard and mouse users to use the apps more effectively.

Another recent addition that I enjoy is the recent files menu being included in Explorer’s main page. I can find files I just saved/downloaded, without having to navigate to the specific folder they are in.

Windows now supports the addition of multiple desktops. For example, I could have one desktop with a word document open, and another with a web browser open, and then switch between desktops, rather than having to find the app I want in the myriad of windows open on just the one screen.

On the technical related side, it seems Windows 10 will be built similarly to Windows Phone 10 and the next version for Xbox One. This will allow develops to easily make an app for all devices. Rather than having to start from scratch for each app, some of the same code will work between each platform.