Schools Going Well

Well, school has been going well at Jr. High this year.  We had the Terry Fox Run today, which was sort of cool.  We were dismissed early, right after the Terry Fox Run, ’cause there was really nothing else to do the rest of the day.  Now it is the weekend.  I hope I have a great weekend.

School TIme Again

I am going to school again. Jr Secondary for the first time.  School starts within less than 24 hours and I can’t wait to go to school again.  I hope i do well in Jr. Secondary school.  I’m going to the same Jr. Secondary school that my Dad went to too.  My dad thought that was great.
I really enjoyed my summer.  I had lots of fun camping with my family.  We went camping last weekend here near our town, and at a different campground nearby last week also.  The month of July was spent mostly traveling and going to camp.  I enjoyed camp this year.  I also enjoyed summer.
Well, fall and winter will be coming soon.  We get snow where I live in the winter.  I enjoy the snow, but sometimes, it just gets too cold around here.  Fall, or autumn, is another time I enjoy.  It’s when the weather, is inbetween hot and cold, but is mostly cool.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy your school year as well as I do mine.