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School Time Again

Well it’s been a long time since I wrote in this blog. I think I will start to write in here again.

Over the summer, I went and volunteered as a S.E.E.D. at Camp Sagitawa. I was there for a total of six weeks and had a great time. 
Something more recently that happened was an intense lightning storm one night in early September. It was constantly flashing outside. Some of it looked like sheet lightning, while other lightning touched the ground. One strike hit very close, probably within a block from the house. That was cool. My family stayed up past midnight watching the storm. It was also raining quite hard. What was surprising was that, all through this, the power never went out. It stayed on the whole time. A few days earlier, the power had gone out during the day. The reported cause of this was a motor vehicle accident.
Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! YAY! I can’t wait to go back and see all my friends… but kind of disappointed that some of them won’t be there because they have already graduated and gone off to college. Wow! It’s already my last year of high school. It has come so quickly. 
That’s all for now,

School’s out

So school is almost out and it’s that time of year again, SUMMER!

During this summer, I will be going to Camp Sagitawa to work as a SEED. I can’t wait for that.

I am currently working on a number of websites. Here’s a short list – FSJ’s Christian Radio Station – Youth Program for Christian Radio Station (under construction)

Yeah, so I make websites if you didn’t know. I come up with the basic design and others can add stuff to it. If you need any computer related help, you can call me.

That’s all for now,

The First Month Of School

I can’t believe that the first month of school has already gone by. It seems like it has only been a short while since school has started. I like all my new teachers and my favourite class would have to be band. I love making music, and I get to see some of my friends there. I’ll tell you more later, but this is all I have for now. Talk to you later. This computer is lagging behind when i type in the text so it is not keeping up with what I am typing right now.

My First Week of School

I cannot believe that already a whole week of school has gone by. I have already made some new friends, so that is go. Today, Maverick got his course change sheet and now he is in my math class, with Mr. Bennett. I can’t wait until tomorrow, the weekend. At youth group, there is a BBQ. The Croquet / English Tea Party was cancelled because of cold weather. I have Science and Math this semester, and Social Studies and English next semester. I am writing this message at 5 PM, Thursday. I can’t believe my little brother is already following me into Jr. High. He is not in grade eight. This semester, I also have CS – Applications. This is the course that I am most looking forward too. It is all about computers. And the basic applications we will use in real life, at real jobs. Math is my strongest subject; lst year I got a 98.5% in math. I am also taking band again this year. I enjoy being in band. This year, our band plans to go to new york. I am not going, as I do not want to get to far behind in my school work. I am also not trying out for seinor band, because then I would have to go to new york. We need to do a lot of fundraising this year if some of the band wants to go.


School has started again. My brother is now in the same school as me. I cannot believe that he is already in juniour high school with me. Next year, all three boys will be in juinor high school, unless I decided to go to senior high for that year, because here, grade 10 is offered at oth the juinor and senior high schools. This term, i took computer applications. I am looking forward to that class the most. I also have the same math teacher as I did last year, Mr. Bennett.

Teachers’ Strike Still Going

Well, the teachers in BC are still on strike, but they are voting on some recommendations soon. I sure hope the teachers would get back to work.  I miss my friends from school.  I just thought I’d let you know.  I let you know also when the strike has ended
Check back soon for updates
Today was youth group and I had a great time. We were supposed to play wallyball at the local gym, but it had been double book, so we had to go bowling instead.  We had just as much fun when we went bowling.  The week before that we had a food drive. That was a great time.  My friend Trevor goes to my school, but now I only see him on Fridays, and Sundays in church.  This is because of the stirke.  It’s been so long since the strike began.  I can hardly remember that atmosphere of my school, eh.  I miss school
Abother thing is that I;m in band and we have a concert on Nov. 24th, and because of the teachers strike, we haven’t had anything to play for the concert, so we may not have a winter concert this year, because of the teachers strike.  I sure hope this issue gets resolved. 
As you can see, I have changed my background to a more suitable one for this time of year.  We still haven’t seen any snow.  Last year it was here by Sept 10th.  Well, forcastors are saying no snow till November!  That would be nice.  I can’t wait for the snow to fall. 
Matt Schlosser

Teachers’ Strike

As of Oct. 7, 2005 teacher’s are going on strike in B.C. That’s approximately 40, 000 teachers..  That mean’s no instruction or supervision until the strike (this is for B.C. only).  The school’s will remain open, but you don’t have to attend.  Below is a web-site link for the update on the job-action concering the BCTF, and the BCPSEA. As you know, Oct. 10th is Thanksgiving, so there’s automatically no school on that day, the school’s are closed.  But we may or may not go ack to school on Tuesday. 
Heres the link that updates you on the job-action:  Click here for updates on the strike.  Tell me your comments on what you think.  I write you more later.

Schools Going Well

Well, school has been going well at Jr. High this year.  We had the Terry Fox Run today, which was sort of cool.  We were dismissed early, right after the Terry Fox Run, ’cause there was really nothing else to do the rest of the day.  Now it is the weekend.  I hope I have a great weekend.

Less Than 2 Weeks!

It’s less than 2 weeks till school starts again.  I’m going into Juniour High this year.  I hope I do well this year in school. My brothers still go to elementery school.  I hope these last two weeks of summer vacation go by very vry slowly.  So I can enjoy the best of summer.  We are still going camping one more time with my Aunt and Uncle this weekend, and I am looking forward to that. 

I’m Back

We just returned form our three week vacation.  The first 1 and 1/2 weeks we were down by Prince Geroge, camping and visiting relatives.  The past two weeks, we were camping at Molberly, my brothers going to Camp Sagitawa first, and then myself. 
I’ll tell ya more later