Facebook Adds Following Feature – Loses Ability to Choose Content

Facebook has recently added the Following button to the top of friends’ profiles

So, you may ask what’s this new following button you’ve seen on people’s profiles recently? Well, the feature has always existed, it just hasn’t been this prominent before. This setting used to exist as “Show in News Feed” in the drop down Friends menu at the top of a person’s profile. You could check or uncheck if you wanted to a see a friend’s posts in the News Feed. However, below this was an option to choose the types of updates you’d want to see from that friend. From this list, you could select whether you wanted to see certain things like status updates, life events, photos and videos, and, my most favourite, other activity. Other activity would get rid of annoying stories like “This person just became friends with that person.” With the new update, it means I can’t control what I see in the ticker. Though I rarely use it these days, I go through and clear it up every once in a while. Now with this new following option, changing the type of updates you see from friends is no longer possible.