2012 Year in Review

I was actually scrolling through my Google+ profile the other day, and say that I had posted a good number of times there throughout the year. It gave a good overview of what went on throughout the year, and so I will post the results of what I found here:

1. Raspberry Pi

Early this year, a company build a computer on the board the size of a credit card and made it available for sale for only $25.

2. Lytro Camera

Another interesting device, this camera lets you take a picture, and then choose what part of the picture to focus on.

3. Apple

A woman wanted to sue Apple because she ran into the glass doors and didn’t see them.

4. Project Glass

Google released videos over the Internet featuring its most recent project: Project Glass. A wearable computer takes video and displays messages on your screen. Video chat, etc.

5. More Google Stuff

Google’s self-driving cars become legal in the state of Nevada.

6. Windows 8

I should write a blog post on my opinions about this. I have Windows 8. Officially released on Oct 26, it was Microsoft’s next major release of the operating system. Heavily designed for a touch UI, this operating system features versions for both computers and tablets.

That’s basically all I found. Hopefully I’ll blog more in 2013.