How to Chat on Facebook Without Using the Messenger App

It’s been in the news lately. If you want to chat with someone on Facebook on mobile, you’ll soon be required to use the Messenger app. A few years ago, Facebook removed the ability to chat with your friends through the Facebook app, but retained the ability to chat with friends through its mobile web app. Now, they plan to remove the ability to chat from the web app as well. A lot of people are furious over Facebook’s decision for various reasons: having to download a separate app, the many permissions the app requests, et cetera.

But going forward, there is a way that people can still access there messages on mobile without the Messenger app. Go to the App Store/Play Store on your device and download Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is a data savings app. It runs a different version of Facebook

A version of Facebook which still has access to messages, with no indication that it is going to be taken away.

Sure, you are still downloading a separate app, but this one does not require as nearly as many permissions as Facebook’s Messenger, plus it saves you tons of data.

I’ve saved 72% in data savings. A normal browser would have used 900 MB in the lifetime I’ve had Opera Mini installed. Opera Mini has used 259 MB in comparison.