Happy Birthday!

It was my dad’s birthday yesterday.  So wish him a happy birthday. He just turned forty-seven, so he is getting up there.  We are planning a birthday party for him, hoping it will be a surprise.  Please don’t tell him about it because we don’t want him to know.  It is planning to happen this afternoon.  So far he hasn’t complained.
This weather up here is getting out of control.  Just about a month ago there was no snow o n the ground. But today there is already over a foot, and it is still coming down.  Although the forecast says the weather temperature should go up to plus 4 by tomorrow, it is only -18 right now.  (Courtesy of the Weather Network). Have you checked out our web-page (Courtesy of TELUS). There should be a link on this site to that page.
I am really good with computers, and with almost anything else.  I am very smart, and even got straight A’s on my last report card.  So that proves how smart I am.  Today I am in Junior High and have many friends.  I enjoy having friends. they are fun to hang our with.
We actually more or less over a month ago had a band concert (a few photos to come soon). We are actually going to Edmonton to play at the festival there in April.  We will be adjudicated. Although some of my friends can’t go, I am going.  I am really looking forward to that.
For those of you who don’t know, my birthday is on April 8th.  So we’ll be going to Edmonton around that time.
I know of this really neat program called Google Earth You can basically zoom down on any location anywhere in the world.  Try it out.  Mac Version is to be made soon, but currently it only works on windows.
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